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Only a few dental practices around the UK have acquired a new piece of dental technology; Crome Dental Clinic are proud to use the revolutionary iTero Intraoral 3D Digital Scanner on our patients having Invisalign treatment in Central Surrey.

We are able to provide digital scans as part of your treatment plan, at no extra cost to you.

Invisalign Dentist Surrey

ITero scanner vs normal putty moulds

The iTero uses a wand to precisely scan the inside of your mouth allowing for even the smallest details within to be captured. The digital images are turned into a 3D model of your teeth within a matter of seconds, and all within your appointment. The best part is you will be able to see what your teeth will look like after being straightened – before the treatment has even begun!

Traditional methods of capturing impressions involve using mouth trays with plaster putty material and pressing these against your teeth. Unfortunately, there is a small waiting period while the putty hardens before it can be taken out of your mouth, and this proves to be uncomfortable for many patients. If you have strong gag reflexes, then the traditional method is not for you.

There is also a higher risk of having to retake impressions due to the putty not fully capturing the difficult areas (such as the back of the teeth).

iTero benefits:
– The digital scanning is minimally invasive, with no pain
– There is no mess as it bypasses the need for trays and plaster putty
– The process is a quick and simple process
– There are low rejection rates with the digital impressions, unlike putty impressions
– The impressions are very precise, allowing for very accurate aligners to be made
– There is no additional cost to you for using this technology as part of your treatment plan
– Quicker appointment between the time it takes to create the aligners to patient fitting.

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