General Dentistry in Surrey (Cobham)

If you need a highly rated and experienced dentist in Surrey offering a fantastic range of general dentistry at competitive prices, then we can help.

Our highly experienced general dentistry team is led by principal dentist Dr. Michael Fahami (GDC No 71417). Michael is highly respected in the industry and is also one of the most experienced implant dentists in Surrey with over 25 years extensive dentistry experience.

He has successfully placed implants for over 750 patients and completed over 900 full smile makeover cases.

Why choose our team?

One of the aspects of our practice that we pride ourselves on is our desire to get to know each of our patients. Prevention is the best medicine and routine dental care is really a lot more complex than it may seem.

It is recommended that you visit a dentist every 6 months to exam/monitor the overall health of your teeth and gums. This way any problems that may be discovered can be treated effectively and quickly.

If problems are left untreated then they can get worse. While it is recommended that dentists examine your teeth at least twice a year, we tailor care around individual needs to promote optimal oral health for every person we see.

You can expect a dentist to do several things during your appointment:

  • Examine the health of your teeth and gums
  • Conduct a small x-ray of your teeth if required
  • Treat any minor problems
  • For more complex issues that require more time, you may be booked for a follow-up, or referred to another specialist

Our General Dentistry Treatments 

Our most popular general dentistry treatments are shown below and are performed by our Surrey dentistry team that has over 50 years combined experience.

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Gum Disease in Surrey

If you need to see a highly rated gum disease expert in Surrey, then our highly experienced periodontists at our Cobham clinic can help.

Patients who are managing an issue such as gum disease may need to see the dentist more frequently. The additional care is highly beneficial when you consider the enormous detriment gum disease is to your health.

This condition is more than a localized infection in the mouth; it has been linked to numerous diseases, including heart and respiratory disease and dementia.

Functionally speaking, gums provide necessary support to teeth. Maintaining healthy gums means protection from preventable tooth loss and from suffering the discomfort of chronic inflammation.

Tissue that has become red and swollen, that feels sore, or that bleeds when you brush and floss is tissue that is inflamed. These are signs that you need to see your dentist for care to manage the effects of oral bacteria.

Our Cobham gum disease dentist understands your dental concerns and offers solutions to remedy a wide range of conditions.

Preventive dentistry can help you optimize your hygiene routine so that you have the best chance of avoiding gum disease.

We can work with you to decrease your risk of decay even if you are prone to cavities and to freshen your breath or diminish sensitivity.

By familiarising ourselves with your history, including medications you are taking and your lifestyle habits, we can create a dental program that is truly customised to your needs.

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