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Tooth extractions

Tooth extractions

Tooth Extractions in Cobham, Surrey

If you’re looking for a highly-rated, affordable dental clinic providing expert tooth extraction in Surrey, we can help.

Benefit from the knowledge and skill of Dr Michael Fahami, Dr Eman Mottaleb and Dr Ben Beyqi. All have great experience at removing teeth and carry out both routine and complex cases for our patients, including wisdom teeth extractions.

Why choose us for tooth extractions?

Tooth removal costs

To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we have ensured our prices are extremely competitive compared to other practices in and around Cobham, Surrey.

Treatment Cost (from)
Tooth extractions
Wisdom tooth extractions
£295 - £495
Surgical extractions

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“Very welcoming surgery ,everyone so polite and frankly Dr Eman Mottaleb is the best Dentist I have ever been to. Cannot fault them and I would have no hesitation in recommending them..”

Meet our tooth extraction experts

Dr Michael Fahami

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Dr Eman Mottaleb

Dr Eman Mottaleb

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Dr Ben Beygi

Dr Ben Beyqi

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Our highly skilled tooth extraction team includes clinical director and dentist Dr Michael Fahami, Dr Eman Mottaleb and Dr Ben Beyqi who have over 78 years combined extensive dentistry experience.

Trusted tooth extraction

While our priority is to preserve natural teeth, there may be instances where extraction is deemed necessary for the overall well-being of our patients. This can be for a number of reasons, including severe cases of tooth decay, gum disease, abscess and over-crowding.

In such situations, the affected tooth (or teeth) can be gently extracted and replacement options, including dental implants and dental bridges, can be discussed.

Wisdom teeth removal

In addition to regular tooth extractions, we can also remove wisdom teeth that have become impacted and are causing problems. While the procedure has an intimidating reputation, it is much less daunting in reality and many patients find it easier than expected.

Thanks to advanced technology, we are able to minimise discomfort for our patients. Along with highly effective local anaesthetics, sedation is also available for more severe cases or for those who experience anxiety.

Our tooth extraction services

Tooth extraction FAQs

Although it can be indicated by severe toothache, the need for an extraction is often spotted by a dentist during a routine check-up or while performing a different procedure. A dedicated consultation for the extraction will then be recommended for further evaluation.

This will enable the dentist to thoroughly assess your situation and provide guidance on all potential solutions and the most suitable course of action.

Adults typically have a total of 32 teeth, with wisdom teeth being the last ones to come through. Located at the back of the mouth, these molar teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25, although there may be instances where they emerge later.

The extraction of wisdom teeth is a common procedure that is required if they become impacted and create difficulties for other teeth nearby. Neglecting to address this issue can result in infection.

Your dentist may also suggest extracting wisdom teeth as a preventive measure, even if they are not yet causing any problems at the time. This proactive approach helps avoid potential complications further down the line.

No. Wisdom teeth can sometimes become well-positioned and not cause any adverse issues if they have enough room available to come through.

Relief can be given to the swollen, painful gums around the tooth by gently swirling salt water around the mouth. Remember to check that the water isn’t too hot before you start.

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