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If you’re looking for affordable yet stunning teeth whitening near you in Surrey, our highly rated and experienced cosmetic dental team in Cobham can help.

Our clinical director and expert teeth whitening dentist is Dr. Michael Fahami (GDC No: 71417) who has over 25 years extensive dentistry experience and has helped transform the smile for hundreds of patients from all parts of Surrey.

Whatever the reason for the change in your smile, our experienced dental team offers solutions to meet your immediate and long-term expectations.

A dazzling white smile naturally draws the human eye.

Due to the porosity of enamel, however, the brightness of the smile can very easily become dull. As we age, we may notice that white teeth dull, then turn yellow.

This is a by-product of food and beverages. The state of enamel, as well, will affect the colour of teeth.

Before & after
teeth whitening


Before and After teeth whitening in Cobham

ZOOM! Teeth whitening in Surrey

Zoom teeth whitening is ideal for many of our patients. The expedited process lets you achieve the results you want in one day rather than a few weeks.

The Zoom whitening procedure is ideal for individuals with busy schedules that would inhibit the daily application of whitening gel, as well as for those who have an important event coming up.

Even if your reason for wanting Zoom whitening is simply that you don’t want to wait to see your brightest smile, we are happy to accommodate you!

It is important to note that Zoom whitening may not be the best solution for the patient with sensitive teeth.

During your consultation, your dentist will discuss methods for reducing sensitivity while enabling you to enjoy your most attractive, most confident smile.


Teeth whitening

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Home teeth whitening treatment in Surrey

Using our home teeth whitening kit, you can achieve similar results as our in-practice Zoom teeth whitening treatment. The difference is that it can take a little longer, and involves daily application of our powerful whitening gel in conjunction with using custom-fit trays.

Although teeth whitening products are available in many shops, only high-grade products are available via dental practitioners; they should only be used under their guidance. The treatment is safe and reliable, unlike those available and sold by unlicensed providers, which can cause expensive damage to the tooth’s surface.

Teeth whitening prices in Surrey

To help keep these treatments affordable, we ensure they are very competitively priced compared to other teeth whitening dentists in Surrey.

Our latest prices are below:

Teeth Whitening Fees
Cosmetic Home Whitening £355
Cosmetic in Surgery Zoom Laser Whitening From £495

When should I get teeth whitening done?

Many patients get teeth whitening done after they have straightened their teeth with braces treatment (usually using the popular Invisalign clear aligners technology).

There are some patients who get their teeth whitened when part of their front teeth are going to get replaced with crowns or veneers (and they want a similar shade consistency across their teeth).

In this instance, the teeth would be whiten first, before placement of new crowns or veneers.


Whatever the reason for your teeth to made brighter, book a consultation at Crome Dental Clinic to discuss your options.

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